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How to Leverage Soft Skills

The great Greek mathematician, Archimedes once said, “Give me a lever and I can move the earth.” While that statement may or may not be true, no one can argue that leverage plays a major role in business. Simply put, leverage is the art of using small object to move a much bigger object through proper positioning. Your soft skills training may not seem like a big deal now, but if leveraged properly, it can help you secure the position [...]


Colleges respond to industry demands for ‘soft skills’

The Globe’s biweekly business-school news roundup. Employers and education providers don’t always see eye to eye on the job readiness of graduates. “There is a large gap in the perception of preparedness,” says Ali Jaffer, associate principal in the Toronto office of McKinsey and Co., and a contributor to one of its global reports that found employers and postsecondary education institutions at odds over the skills of graduates. In a 2012 survey by New York-based McKinsey, 75 per cent of education providers [...]