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Soft Skills Are Here to Stay

From Utah to the United Kingdom and everywhere in between, employers are becoming more and more fascinated with soft skills. These interpersonal qualities that are not taught in college impact how you interact with others, solve problems, work as a team and much more. Therefore, if you want to have a real shot at the next promotion or a chance at getting your foot in the door with reputable companies, you need soft skills.  You may be wondering: “how [...]


Update Your Skills NOT Your Resume

Over 40 percent of recent college graduates are still looking for a job. In addition, over 14 million Americans are either unemployed or underemployed; making it harder and harder for you to separate yourself from the pack. The solution: Pay less attention to your resume and more to refining your skills. Soft skills certifications not only look great on your resume but also help you excel in almost any work environment. In most cases you can access the training [...]


Which Statistic Are You?

Are you in the market for a job or new career? Have you grown frustrated with the job search process? Ever wonder why they never seem to call you back? You are NOT alone. Soft Skills training is the key to securing the elusive job offers you desire as employers now rate soft skills above technical skills and additional degrees (add link). These are simply the interpersonal qualities that impact how you interact with people, solve problems, critically think [...]


Is Your Resume “Soft” Enough? Leverage Soft Skills To Land the Job

In the faceless, digital recruitment age, a job hunt can start with a simple Google search.  In order to get noticed, you have to ask yourself: Am I really job ready?  Regardless of your employment status or goals, there are some critical readiness steps to ensure a successful job search.  These tips work for those who just finished school or those looking for career advancement. For starters, update your resume. However, updating your resume means more than re-formatting and adding [...]


How to Leverage Soft Skills

The great Greek mathematician, Archimedes once said, “Give me a lever and I can move the earth.” While that statement may or may not be true, no one can argue that leverage plays a major role in business. Simply put, leverage is the art of using small object to move a much bigger object through proper positioning. Your soft skills training may not seem like a big deal now, but if leveraged properly, it can help you secure the position [...]


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