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DL Wallace is a skilled and passionate motivational speaker and trainer with a mission of developing leaders of today and those in the future. His original copyrighted training sessions and motivational speaking topics have helped shape the cultures of companies and have inspired entrepreneurs to lead on a whole new level. Each week day morning Wallace host a live motivational and training conference call designed to give his mentees an added boost to start the day. These recorded calls are also available upon request for those desiring to participate in upcoming training sessions. For more information on scheduling speaking engagements and training dates, please send an email by visiting the contact us section of this website.

Why choose Us?

MENTORSHIPPassion For Mentoring

DL Wallace has a passion for mentoring entrepreneurs, small business owners and those seeking to develop charter schools. His mentee list includes professionals from all walks of life; Wallace host monthly meetings and conference calls for these individuals to help guide them professionally. If you are interested in becoming a mentee please send an email via the contact us section of this website.

Why choose Us?

ONLINE TRAININGSuccess Training Institute (STI)

Research studies show people learn better in smaller, stimulating training segments as opposed to spending hours at a time in a training class. Smaller segments (ten minutes or less) cater to the attention span and hectic schedules of business minded professionals. Therefore, STI offers original, highly effective content that will inspire your team to reach goals more efficiently. Companies that have used the STI platform have seen marked improvements in employee confidence, productivity and overall job satisfaction. Your staff will be tested over the material and certificates of completion are awarded for each test they pass, providing instant gratification and the desire to learn even more. Also, for reporting purposes, you can track how long each team member was on the site, which classes they successfully completed, the top performers in each class and much more.

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